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Originating Contracts


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Servicing Contracts


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Originating Contracts


Easy and Simple Credit Application

Our credit application is made very simple through a form that auto-populates into the necessary documents.We can use that data to auto-populate 10 state and federally compliant documents.

Our program enables the documents created to be consistent and reduces inaccuracies that can often happen by hand.


    Never Lose a Credit Application

    My Queues was designed for our clients to quickly access contracts that are still pending, needing signatures, waiting for confirmation of delivery and for contracts that were started, but do not have a completed credit application.

To-Do and Needs Signing Queues

To-Do Queue

This queue is used for all contracts that are in pending status. (i.e. Pending Contract Document Creation)

Needs Signing Queue

The Needs Signing queue is used for all contracts that are pending signatures for completion of the contract.

Contracts are voided after 5 days of no signature acquired. After those 5 days, the contract will be put back into your To-Do queue.

Delivery Confirmation Queue

This queue is designed for those contracts that are awaiting confirmation of delivery. These contracts will require a date of delivery and a tracking number.

Customers Without Credit Applications Queue

The Customers Without Credit Applications, allows you to find applications that were started but have not completed the credit application.




Diverse Payment Plans

Repayment Term Options

You will have the option to chose your terms of repayment for your consumers / customers / students.

Promotional Periods

Promotional periods such as Deferred Interest or No Interest if Paid in Full are available in uPortal360.

Autopay Requirement Ability

uPortal360 enables your company to decide if autopay is required or not. it is recommended to have your consumers enroll in autopay as it ensures payments and it saves you money.

Servicing Contracts

    Dashboard Access

    New Consumers can be added directly from the dashboard!

  • Login in as your consumer

    Through uPortal360, you can log in as your consumer to look into their account or troubleshoot any questions they may have.



    Search for your Consumers

    Our search bar allows for quick access to finding your consumers / customers / students and easily accessing their accounts from the search screen.

Account Management

Through uPortal360, users are able to add a new consumer directly from their dashboard and can be easily found by using the Quick Search tool in the portal.

Consumer accounts can be edited and seen as a "view only" through the user's account, allowing for quick access and any questions to be answered easily.


Servicing contracts is made simple through: 

Billing Statement Delivery (USPS or email)

Our clients are given the option of receiving their billing statements either through USPS or through email, depending on your own preferences. Opting to receive statements via email is a more cost-efficient option.

Detailed Reporting

uPortal360 provides you with up-to-date reports on you consumer / customer / students accounts including account summary, transactions, new charges, past due contracts, and several others. Keeping track of all accounts is easily managed through uPortal360.

For more information on the different types of reports, please view this link.

Accepting Payments

We have provided your consumers with the ability to pay for their bills online through uPortal360, over the phone, or they can mail in their payment.

Tracking Non-Payments

Through uPortal360, you are able to quickly see what accounts have not been paying, who is past due and who had declined to pay.