Verify Your Account

When leveraging a third-party billing service provider and tools like uPortal360, it is important that we make an introduction to the consumer. During our introduction, we provide important information about an account and request the consumer to "Verify Your Account". The consumer(s) can complete the verification in just a few minutes.

Verify Your Account - 6 Simple Steps

Verification of Email

An Access Code will be sent to the consumer's email address and the consumer will be directed to enter that code into uPortal30. Since we are able to utilize email for many notices and alerts, it is important for consumers to use a valid and up-to-date email address.

Review Contact information

The information provided on the Credit Application will be displayed once the consumer has verified their email address. If all the information is correct, then the consumer can quickly move to the next step. If anything needs to be updated, there is a "Edit" button next to the different sections of contract information. 

Account and Agreement Information

This step in the verification process summarizes the basic terms and conditions for the Account. The consumer will see the APR, Amount Financed, Minimum Payment, Term (Estimated number of payments), and the First Payment Date.  Also, if a special promotion was offered, the special promotional terms will be shown at this step. 

Review or Setup AutoPay

We encourage all consumers to enroll in AutoPay. If the consumer is already enrolled, we just ask them to confirm the Merchant Name that will appear on the consumer's Bank or Card statements.  If the consumer is not enrolled, he/she/they will be able to enroll during this process.


Having consumers sign up for eCommunications helps ensure a consumer is aware of all updates to an account, including current account balances, payment due dates, and late payments. If consumer is not already enrolled, he/she/they will be able to do so during this process. 

Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) Questions

Knowing a consumers helps to fight fraud, which is an important aspect of a financing program. Our KBA process will ask three to five questions that should readily  be known by the consumer. If this process was completed during the credit application stage, it will not occur during the "Verify Your Account" process. 

Want more details and screen shots of this process? Click to see a Demo.

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