uPortal360 features


Phone Support

Phone support is available during normal business hours and we offer on-call representatives on weekends.


Email Support

An email account specifically for our clients was created to ensure all questions are answered quickly and efficiently.



Video demonstrations are available  for our clients to walk through all the basic functions of uPortal360.


SaaS Solution

uPortal360 is intended to eliminate the need for in-house contract origination and to offer full-service financial solutions through an online Software as a Service(SaaS).

Our Platform makes the process of originating contracts effortless.

Contracts can be originated in 5 minutes or less with easy and simple credit applications, Diverse Payment Plans, Contracts that Conform to State and Federal Regulations, Electronic Document Signatures (powered by DocuSign), Hosted on an Online Platform 24/7. 

Servicing Solutions that fit your business needs.

Account Management, Online Consumer Portal, Billing Statement Delivery (Electronic or USPS), Accepting Payments (online, phone or mailed), Detailed Reporting, Tracking Non-Payments.

To learn more about originating and servicing contracts, please click here.

Authorized Third Party Servicing

Integrated Partners like Universal Account Servicing, LLC (UAS) can be leveraged to provide 3rd Party Servicing. A Third Party Servicing company will take on the work to reach out to your consumers and handle the inbound calls.

Learn more about 3rd Party Servicing and our integrated partner, here.

White Labeled Platform

Your consumers / customers / students see your brand on our platform. 

Your brand Powered by our Platform.

uPortal360 was built specifically with our clients and their consumers in mind. Our platform is made to be a full serviced financing solution that originates and services your contracts.

Leverage our Built-in Contracts or Bring Your Own Contracts

Our solution offers built-in compliant contracts or we can integrate your documents into our platform. With white labeling, your name and logo are automatically displayed on documents in the online portal and on email and USPS communications.

See a sample document by clicking here.

Authorized Lending Partners

Don't want to offer your own financing solution? No problem. Through uPortal360, we have Direct Lenders and Indirect Lenders already integrated into our platform. You can decide which option is best for your business.

To learn more about our Authorized Lending Partners, click here.

Compliant Consumer Financing Contracts

uPortal360’s built-in contracts have been vetted by independent legal counsel and comply with State and Federal regulations.

View samples of our documents and further information about our compliant documents by clicking here.

Third-Party Reviewed

We engage internal and external legal counsel to vet our RIC and RICA contracts. 

Credit Application

Our credit application is compliant with State and Federal regulations and customizable to support your credit underwriting requirements. It is equipped with smart forms that make it easy to complete quickly and accurately. We have API and pre-built integrations that support direct to consumer interfaces or leverage existing data from your back office systems.

Close-Ended Agreements -- Retail Installment Contracts (RIC)

Vetted by internal and external legal counsel and compliant with State and Federal Regulations. Learn more about our RIC documents, here.

Open-Ended Agreements/Open Line of Credit -- Retail Installment Credit Agreements (RICA)

Vetted by internal and external legal counsel and compliant with State and Federal Regulations. Learn more about our RICA documents, here.


Easily Integrate with our Origination and Servicing Platform

  • View our API documentation, here.
Pre-Built Integration with Salesforce

If you are using Salesforce as your CRM, then we have a simple, point-and-click integration ready for your use. To see how to implement this solution, view our Salesforce sample project, here.

Quick Start
  • API Documents and our Staging Environment are setup for you to start building your integration today.

User Management

User Management is a feature in uPortal360 that gives access to all users / employees within a company. Through this, users' permissions and access to reports can be changed to fit their role within your company.

Click here to learn more about the User Manager role in uPortal360.

User Manager

The User Manager is determined upon initial client setup.They are able to delegate what users / employees have access to within uPortal360. This person has the ability to add new users, remove previous employees, and change permissions within the portal.

Reports Access

uPortal360 provides you with up-to-date reports on you consumer / customer / students accounts including account summary, transactions, new charges, past due contracts, and several others. Keeping track of all accounts is easily managed through uPortal360.


We have created permission sets in uPortal360 to separate responsibilities within a company. Each permission has it's own set of features to best accommodate the needs of the different users .

Online Consumer Portal

Every one of your consumers / customers / students serviced in our uPortal360 platform are provided with their own portal access to manage their accounts online.

Learn more about what your consumers are able to do through uPortal360 by clicking here

Consumer Online Verification

Consumers are now able to directly activate their accounts through uPortal360. We have created this to eliminate the need for Welcome Calls and for consumers to become active quicker. For more information, click here and to see how the verification process works!

Consumer Account Access

Your consumers / customers / students all have access to their own accounts through uPortal360. They will each be given unique username and access codes to log in. Through uPortal360, your consumers will be able to make payments, change their auto pay and more.


We have provided a variety of e-communications options available through uPortal360 for your consumers, customers, or students. They will have the option to opt-in or out to receiving e-statements and e-alerts.

Notices via USPS and Email

Our platform will deliver all required notices. If a consumer opts-in to E-Sign, we will leverage email to deliver required notices. We leverage a print vendor for USPS letters. Our platform also sends a number of email alerts to help keep your consumers informed.