uPortal360 Demo Videos

Follow the videos below for a walk-through of creating a new account, running through a credit report, and more.

How to Add a New Customer

Everything starts with the Customer. Leverage our use of mapping integrations for predictive address entry. Smart Forms make it easy to know what is required and validates the data as it is entered. Helpful highlights and help message make it easy to resolve any issues.

Credit Application

Our quick and concise credit application only asks the questions needed to support underwriting for your program. Smart Forms again help you with accurate data entry and helpful highlights.

Return of Decision

After a quick review, you are ready to process the Credit Application. Every program can have a custom Scorecard setup to meet your business needs. Our proprietary scorecards can use application and credit report data to determine the best credit decision for each consumer. This all happens in under 30 seconds and the decision is on your screen.

Finance Amount and Payment Dates

With uPortal360, you enter the cash price, down payment amount to get to the amount financed. Then your customer can choose a first payment date that best fits their needs.

Payment Options

Your customers want payment options and we can support them all. We work with you to setup terms, interest rates, down payment requirements, and autopay requirements. You can also offer promotional terms like “Deferred Interest” also known as “No Interest if Paid In Full” before the end of the promotional period. Yes, you read that correctly, you can define the terms you want and the interest rates* as well. We don’t force you into standard offers.

*Our Platform will enforce rates allowable by the State and Federal Regulations

Autopay and E-Communications

Don’t want to hassle with monthly payments? Let AutoPay handle your monthly payments while keeping you informed of your account through electronic notifications and alerts.

Manage Application Dashboard

Managing the application and origination process has never been easier. You can review every piece of information you’ve entered and selections you’ve made. A quick check ensures you will deliver an accurate contract to your customers. uPortal360 leverages the power and security of DocuSign, the leader in electronic signatures to give you the convenience of electronically signing while preserving your security. We support In Person signing processes or you can email your contracts if that is a better fit for your business.


Deferred Interest - Promotional Period

This promotional period is available to clients who offer open-end line of credits. Deferred Interest gives the consumer the option to pay off the entirety of their loan within a specific amount of time with no interest. If the consumer goes past their promotional period or has a late payment during this promotion, all interest accrued during that period will be assessed and the consumer will then owe the principal balance plus the interest.