Online Consumer Portal

Your consumers, customers, or students all have access to their own accounts through uPortal360. Your consumers will have the option to update their account information, set up auto-pay, view their recent transactions and more.

  • Login to uPortal360

    A unique account number and access code are given to each consumer to login to the portal with.


    Information Verification

    After entering in their account and access code, the consumer will be asked to verify either their birthday or the last 4 digits of their SSN.

  • Dashboard View

    The dashboard view gives access to the consumer to find all necessary information regarding their loans including setting up their auto pay, searching their transactions, overview of their account and more.

Logging into uPortal360

Consumers are given a unique ID and access code to login to our platform. Upon each time logging in, consumer will need to validate either their birthday or their SSN. Once logged in, the consumer will be able to view all information in regards to their account.




    Select Make Payment

    To make a payment, you can click on Make Payment on the main screen. This will direct you to the payment page that will contain all information necessary to complete the payment.

    Making a Payment

    If a payment method has already been set up, making a payment is as easy as selecting the amount, choosing a payment date, and confirming the payment.

Make a Payment

Adding a new payment method or updating payment information is made simple through the main screen in uPortal360. This option is always available for your consumers and payments can be made at any time.




    If autopay has not been set up...

    If a consumer's autopay has not been set up, they will see this message on their main screen. If they have set it up, they will be able to access their information on the Payment Methods tab of the menu. 

  • Setting up Autopay through checking account

    Consumers will have the option to set up their autopay through their checking account. They will need to enter their account number, routing number, and verify their address or add a new address.

  • Setting up Autopay through a credit card

    Consumers will also have the option to set up their autopay through their credit card. As they fill in the card number, the numbers will appear on the screen as they do on their card. Again, address will need to be verified.

  • Autopay Agreement

    Consumers will need to verify their autopay information is correct and will have to sign an agreement that all information they entered is correct.

Manage Autopay

Setting up payments on autopay provides a hassle-free option and assures the consumer that their payments will be taken out on their due date. Checking and credit/debit card payment methods are supported in our portal. 


  • View Statements

    All statements over the life of the contract will be accessible through the "Statements" tab on the menu. This view will provide all basic information and will go into more detail once the statement is downloaded.


    Monthly Statement

    Monthly statements can be downloaded and will provide all information in regards to the previous months charges.


Consumer's statements can be viewed and/or downloaded at any time.



    View Transactions

    All transactions made on accounts can be viewed through the Transactions tab in uPortal360. This view will provide the status of the transaction, date received and date processed, type of payment, payment amount, interest paid and payment principal.


All transactions on account can be viewed at anytime. The consumer can view completed, in progress or declines payments. 



    Additional Charges

    If your program allows additional charges to be made, your consumers will be able to view each charge. They will also be able to view and download the agreement for that charge.

Charges - For Open End Contracts

If you offer an open-ended line of credit to your consumers, additional charges can be added to the original contract.


  • Account Summary Page

    This page will provide all relative information regarding the consumer's account. The consumer will be able to see what status their account is in, when their next payment is due and the amount of the payment, and further important information.


    Agreement Details

    On this page, the consumer can view the original information from their contract. They will also have the option to download their agreement.


Account Details

The "Account Summary" tab on the menu will pull up all important information in regards to the consumer's account. This includes their account access code, their contract ID, what their amount financed is, when the next payment is due and more.



uPortal3630 strongly encourages our clients to have their consumers sign up for eCommunications. These reminders and updates allow for consumers to stay on track with repayments and save our clients money.

E-Statements >>
  • Consumers will receive an email notification when their eStatements are available to the address provided when they sign up for their loan
  • eStatements can be reviewed at any time by logging into the uPortal360 site and going to the “Statements” tab
  • By enrolling in eStatements, the consumer will no longer receive paper copies of their statements. The electronic copies can be downloaded and printed at any time.
E-Alerts >>

Autopay, Fee Charged, Late Fee Grace Period Ending, New Charge, Payment Past Due, Payment Declined, Payment Posted, Promotional Term Expiring, and NSF (Insufficient Funds) Payment.

  • USPS or Email

    Your consumer can opt-in to receiving notifications either via email or through USPS. We leverage a print vendor for all traditionally mailed items and if yourconsumer opts-in to electronic notifications, we will leverage email to deliver required notices.

Consumer Notices

We provide your consumers / customers / students with the option to choose how they receive notices on their accounts either through USPS or through email (if opted-in to eCommunications).