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Click here if you have an account with our third-party billing/servicing provider, Universal Account Servicing, LLC (UAS). You will be able to make payments, see previous transactions and view details.


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uPortal360 is a SaaS solution that is used by Universal Account Servicing (UAS). UAS is a third-party billing service provider for numerous businesses that offer financing to their customers.

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If your company is currently set up with UGA Finance, then you are in right place. This link is for companies who are currently offering financing and have logins through uPortal360.


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  • “Our students enjoy having online access to manage their private education loans. They can view their statements, make payments and leverage eCommunications like eStatements and eAlerts. This was a giant step forward for our school.”
    Noel L.
    Director of a Title IV School
  • “uPortal360 is a very simple and easy-to-use program. If I ever have a question and call uSupport, I am never on hold. Their customer service is really great and you always have someone pleasant to work with.”
    Danny E.
  • The uPortal360 platform has dramatically enhanced our customer’s financing experience. UGA’s loan servicing platform has provided a solid set of online management tools to our students which has significantly improved how we communicate to them.
    Aaron N.
    Executive in Online Education
  • UGA has been an instrumental part of moving from a fragmented, non-compliant and inconsistent process arranging for payment options with our customers to system that is fast, efficient and compliant for both our franchiser and their customers.
    Jon M.
  • We have been with UGA for 5 years now and have never had to worry about our monthly payments arriving on time or being shorted. It’s a business relationship that has blessed our lives and allowed us to serve more customers.
    Bob S.

Account Origination

With uPortal360, our clients are able to generate consumer credit transactions in various forms. Our platform provides clients complete transparency from the date of origination through the life of the account. Customizable contract terms provide clients the flexibility to offer their consumers a variety of purchase options.

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Point of Sale

With uPortal360, our clients are able to load custom documents that be electronically signed at the point of sale. uPortal360 also allows client's to quickly process a payment or accept a down payment at the point of sale.


Through uPortal360, a variety of subscription options are available. Our clients can offer monthly, quarterly, or annual service subscriptions to best fit the needs of their consumers.


Account Servicing

uPortal360 takes care of all aspects of Contract Servicing. This includes interest accrual and assessment, periodic statements, payment collection and notifications to consumers.